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Hello, and welcome to Juicing for Health. I hope you'll find useful information here.

If you're new to juicing I hope that you will read as much as you can and start on a new, healthier lifestyle. The health that is obtainable by juicing is amazing. Of course juicing should be accompanied by regular exercise, a healthy diet and other activities to nurture the mind, body, and spirit.

I may, at times, write about juicing as though it's some sort of magical cure all. It's obviously not magic, and it can't cure all diseases. Juicing for health is however, one of the best things that you can do for yourself.

You should know that even though it isn't a cure for all things medical, it is most definitely an amazing health benefit, and although it may not cure diseases, I whole-heartedly believe that juicing, combined with other healthy habits, can prevent most.

Juicing is an excellent source of raw food and the many benefits it offers. Unfortunately in our fast-paced society with the convenience of fast food, we have embarked on a path to obesity, heart disease, Diabetes and an early death.

It doesn't have to be that way. By following some common sense ideas, you can easily feel better than you've probably ever felt in your life...adding many years in the process.

I'm not a doctor, nor a nutritionist, so please do not take anything that you read on this site as medical advice, or any kind of treatment for any condition that you may have. Please consult your health advisor for that.

Although juicing is 100% safe for most people, I should also mention that certain individuals with ailments such as Diabetes should consult their health advisor before using any recipe or advice on this site, or any other. Obviously if you start juicing fruits, you can substantially raise your blood sugar in an instant.

So have a look around, I hope you'll give juicing, and some of the other healthful tips a try, and let your body take care of itself by providing it with the natural foods and nutrients that it needs to do so. If we continue to operate as programmed by the pharmaceutical companies, thinking that we need synthetic medicines for even the slightest problem, we'll always remain on the path of poor health.

By juicing, following a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise, we can live as nature intended...happy, healthy and thriving.